Saturday, October 30, 2010

Spicy Chicken Noodles-香辣雞醬拌麵

Chinese Thin Noodles-2 people portion
Ground Chicken-100g
Chinese dried shrimp 蝦米-20g
Purple onions (chopped)-20g

Grinded Garlic-20g
Thick chili pepper powder-1small teaspoon
Water-2 big teaspoons
Extra virgin olive oil-1.5 teaspoon
Green onion (chopped)-1
Sauce Ingredient:
Oyster sauce -1.5 small teaspoons
Sugar-1/2 small teaspoon
1.      Wash dried shrimps and chop them into small pieces
2.      Heat the pan and add extra virgin olive oil. Cook garlic, onions with low heat until they turn golden color. Add method 1 and chili pepper powder, continue to cook them for 2 mins. Then, add ingredient sauce and water. Stir them evenly. Turn off the stove.
3.      Prepare a pot and boil water. When it’s bubbling, add the noodles and cook with medium low heat for 2.5 mins or until they are soften. Take them out and place them in a big bowl. Add method 2 and mix them all together.
4.      Add green onions and serve.

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