Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Chicken W/ Cabbage-碎米雞丁

Chicken breast-1piece
Peanuts (cooked and peeled) 140g
Grind ginger -1 teaspoon
Chinese Chili bean sauce(辣豆瓣醬),-1 big teaspoon
Red chili-1
Grind Parsley-1 big teaspoon

Sauce ingredient:
Sugar- 1 tea spoon
Sesame oil- half tea spoon
Corn starch mix with water-2 big teaspoon
Vinegar-1 teaspoon

Marinating ingredient:
Soy sauce-1 big teaspoon
Corn starch-1big teaspoon
Salt (1 pinch)
Cooking wine (half teaspoon)
Pepper powder (1 pinch)
1. Wash chicken breast and dry them with paper towel. Cut them into small pieces
2. Marinating them with “marinating ingredients for 20 mins.
3. Chop red chili to small pieces.
4. Heat the pan, add 1 tea spoon of extra virgin olive oil. Put chicken breast pieces into the pan and cook them until they turn white.
5. Add Chinese Chili bean sauce(辣豆瓣醬),then when you can smell the spice, you add grind ginger and red chili and cabbages into the pan.
6. At the end, add sauce ingredients and stir
7. Turn of the stove, and add peanuts and parsley
8. serve

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