Thursday, October 21, 2010

Low fat high fiber Japanese Konnyaku noodles

Low fat high fiber Japanese Konnyaku noodles
Ingredients: (1-2 servings)
Seasame oil……1 big teaspoon
Chili pepper…..1
Sugar…..2 small teaspoons
Sake…..3 big teaspoons
Soy sauce….. 1.5 big tea spoons
Mirin…..2 small teaspoons

1. Cook Konnyaku noodles with water until its boiled for 2-3 mins
2. Take them out and rinse with cold water
3. Heat the pan and put sesame oil and chilli in. Cook them with low heat until you can smell the chilli
4. Turn up to medium heat and add Konnyaku noodles into the pan
5. Mix the sauce together and cook it with konnyaku noodles
6. When the sauce becomes thick, turn off the heat
7. serve

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