Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bread with Chicken stuffing

Bread with Chicken stuffing

1 loaf of bread ( so that you can slice it to the size you need)
Chicken breast –Half ( you can add seafood, such as shrimps or squids)
Carrot -15g
Green pees 15g
Potato 20g
Onion 20g
Mushroom 30g

Sauce ingredients:
Pepper powder
Cooking wine ( optional)
Corn starch
White sugar

1. Chop Carrot, mushrooms, onion, potato, chicken breast into small pieces.
2. Marinating Chicken breast with cooking wine, salt, pepper powder, corn starch for 10 mins.
3. Slice The loft of bread to the size you want, depending on how much stuffing you want to put in there. Bake it with 350 degree. Each side for 5 mins. Or until they change to golden color. Cut a small square in the middle and dig the bread out. Keep the cover part.
4. Heat the pan and add 1 tea spoon of extra virgin olive oil. Then, cook the marinated chicken. When it’s done, take it out.
5. Leave some oil in the pan, continue to cook carrot, mushrooms, onion, potato.
6. Add the chicken back
7. Add some chicken stock powder or soup.
8. Add milk & butter
9. Mix corn starch with water and add into the pan
10. At the end, add salt and pepper
11. Pour them into the bread , & put cover on top
12. serve

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