Thursday, June 30, 2011

Butter Cake 牛油蛋糕


Baking powder-4g
Carnation-80g (Or milk 80g and 1 teaspoon vanilla extract)

1. Mix butter, sugar and salt together. Batter until mixed well.
2.Mix the eggs. Pour eggs into #1, little by little and continue to mix. (Pour them in 2-3 times, don't pour all  at once.
3.Pour the flour into a filter. Add the flour and baking powder into step 2. Continue to mix
4. Slowly add carnation and continue to mix.
5. Put butter around the baking tray, so it won't stick.
6.Pour them into a baking tray. Bake at 350F for 30 mins or until they turn golden brown.
7. Cut the cake into pieces when they cool down.

All the ingredients
Before baking

After Baking...Ta da!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Miso Ground Pork

Lean Ground Pork-300g

Seasoning ingredients:
Miso paste-2 tablespoons
Mirin-1 tablespoon
Soy sauce-1/2 tablespoon
Sugar-1/2 tablespoon
Water- 1 tablespoon

1. Heat a pan and cook the ground meat. (No need to add any oil because the fat will be extracted from the meat.)
2. When the meat is 70% done, add all the seasoning ingredients.
3. Serve with lettuce or rice.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Banh Hoi- Rice Paper Rolls (Vietnamese Rice Noodles with Pork Belly)

1. Rice Paper Rolls (Coconut Tree brand is easier to roll and taste better)
2. Banh Hoi Noodles
3. Shrimps
4. Pork Belly
5. Lettuce
6. Cucumber
7. Green onion x 2(Only the green parts)

Fish Sauce-2 teaspoons 
Sugar-1 teaspoon
Fresh Lemon juice-1 teaspoon
Water-1/3 cup

1. Soak Banh Hoi noodles with hot water until they are soft. The texture will still be a bit hard, so steam them for 5 mins.

2. Prepare a pan and add 2 big teaspoon of E.V.O.O. When it's heated, add chopped onion and quickly stir them around. (Don't cook green onion too long because it will turn yellow.) Spray them on top of the steamed banh hoi noodles. Use a scissor to cut them into pieces. So later, it will be easier to grab and roll.

3. Boil pork belly. When they are done, cut them into small pieces.

4. Wash and chop cucumbers and lettuces.

5. Boil shrimp. (As soon as the colour change, take them out right away.  Remove the shrimp shells.

6. Mix fish sauce, sugar, fresh lemon juice, garlic, water and chili. Taste it and adjust to your preference.
7. Put cold water in a deep plate that you can dip the rice paper in. When it's moist, place it on a plate and start to add the stuffing that you want to eat and ROLL!

There are different size of paper rolls. You can choose whatever size that you like!

Yummy! Lots of veggies! Very healthy!

*You can use other type of meats, other than pork belly, such as BBQ meats.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Vietnamese Pho 越南河粉

Beef Bone-4 big pieces
Chicken Bones, chicken legs or drumsticks-4 pieces (Chicken bones give a sweet flavour.)
Beef Shank-1 (optional, if you want to eat the beef)
Sliced beef-1 box (add when serving)
Ginger-6 pcs
Star herb- 6 pcs
Onions-2 medium size
Chicken stock powder-2 big teaspoons
Bean sprout-1 cup
Fresh basil-optional (add it to the bowl when serving)

1.Cook all the meat in boiling water. When they change colour, take them out and rinse with water. (Cleaning process)
2.Boil another pot of water and put all the ingredients in there. (Beef bones, beef shank, chicken, ginger, star, cloves and onions.) Cook them on high heat first. When bubbling, turn to low heat and cook for 2-3 hrs. (The longer you cook, the better the flavour. I cooked mine for 4 hrs and it tastes great!)
3. Add salt and 2 big teaspoons of Chicken stock powder. (Amount of salt, depends on your taste.)
3. Cook Vietnamese rice noodles (Banh Pho) in hot water. If you want them to be more tender, you can take them out and rinse with warm water when it's cooked.
4. Prepare a bowl and add the noodles first and put some onion slices in there.
5. Add the soup and place a few slices of beef on top.
6. Serve. (When serving, add the bean spout and chili)

Onions, Gingers, Star herb, Cloves

Chicken and Beef bones

Vietnamese rice noodles

Korean Hot Pepper Paste Pork

Pork Shoulder meat-1lb (I find shoulder meat is more tender and moist.)
Korean hot pepper paste-2 big teaspoons
Green onion (Only the green parts.)-2

1. Marinate pork with Korean hot pepper paste overnight.
2.Heat the pan and add 1 teaspoon of E.V.O.O. Cook the pork.
3. When they are done, add salt and green onion.
4. Serve

Korean Hot Pepper Paste