Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fried Salmon/w mushroom sauce-煎鮭魚香菇醬

Fried Salmon/w mushroom sauce

Sliced garlic
Extra virgin olive oil
Soy sauce

1. Check if all the scales are removed from the Salmon. If not, use a knife to clean them off. You can try to do it inside of a plastic bag, so it won’t splash everywhere.
2. Clean salmon with water and then dry with paper tower
3. Heat the pan and add a little olive oil. Put in the garlic slices. Cook them until they become gold color. Then, take them out.
4. Use the same oil to cook salmon and its skin until it’s done ( tilt the pan sideways so you can cook the skin)
5. Beside the salmon , leave space for cooking mushroom.
4. Add butter and cook mushroom until it’s done.
5. Mix soy sauce, Mirin and Sake and then add into the pan
6. Make sure the salmon is coated with sauce
7. Take the salmon and mushroom out, continue to cook the sauce for 30 seconds
8. Then pour the sauce on the salmon
9. Put gold garlic slice on top of the salmon
10. Quickly rinse pan with water and then heat the pan
11. Melt butter and cook the spinach and add salt
12. Serve

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