Saturday, October 30, 2010

BBQ Chicken Legs-蜜汁雞排

Chicken legs---6

Sauce Ingredients:
BBQ sauce蜜汁烤肉醬-2 big teaspoons
Soy sauce- ½ small teaspoons
Mirin—1big teaspoon
Vinegar -1/2 small teaspoon
Sugar-a little
Lemon juice-1big teaspoon

Marinating sauce:
Cooking wine-1small teaspoon
Salt-1/3 small teaspoon
White pepper- ¼ teaspoon

1. Remove the bones from the chicken and also remove the white tendons.
2.  Marinate Chicken legs with marinating sauce. Mix them all together. Let it sit for 30 mins.
3.  Mix all the sauce ingredients
4.  Heat the pan, cook the chicken legs until both side turn gold color.
5.  Add the mixed sauce ingredients. Continue to cook until the sauce is absorbed. Then, take them out.
6.  Chop lettuce and place them on a plate
7.  Place chicken legs on the lettuce.


1.  If you are marinating the chicken overnight, no need to add salt. Otherwise, it will be too salty.
2.  When you fry the chicken legs, try to cook the skin side which can extract the fat. It’s healthier and tastier.
3.  If no BBQ sauce, you can replace by “sweet soy sauce”

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