Monday, January 31, 2011

Braised Pork Rice- Taiwan snack 滷肉飯

Ground pork ( I bought the lean one. It's less fat)-1 lb (453g)
Streaky pork (pork belly)-2lb (cut them into small pieces.)
Grind Garlic-1cup
Deep Fried Shallot-1 cup ( put them in a plastic bag and smash them into smaller pieces)
Deep Fried Tofu-1 package
Dried Mushrooms ( Wash them first and then soak them in a hot boiled water. When they are soft, cut off the roots. Remember to save the water, it has flavour that we can add into the pot later. )
Eggs-( Cook them in a hot boiled water. When they are done, remove the shells. You can soak them into the soy sauce first to get the golden brown color before you cook them in the big pot)

Sauce ingredients:
Peanut Butter-2big teaspoons
Colve=Syzygium aromaticum-30
Star Anise-5
Cinnamon -2
White pepper-2 teaspoons
Soy sauce-1 cup
Black Soy bean sauce-1cup (black soy bean sauce brings out more flavour. If you don't have this, you can use soy sauce instead)
Rice Wine-1 cup
Rock sugar=crystal sugar-60g

1. Boil a pot of hot water. Cook the pork until they are cooked. Then, take them out. Heat the pan and put ground and steaky pork in to the pan. No need to add oil. Later the oil will come out of the pork. Add grind garlic and deep fried shallot. Continue to cook them until they turn golden color.

2. Add all the sauce ingredients and the rest of the ingredients (deep fried tofu, mushrooms, and eggs) in to the pot.

3. Cook in medium low heat for 1 hr.

4. Serve with rice or noodles.
Put them in the tea filter bag. So when you cook, they won't spread everywhere.

Deep Fried Shallot

Soak eggs in the soy sauce to get the nice looking brown color.

Deep Fried Tofu & Dried mushrooms (Soaking in the water).

Rice Wine, Black Soy Bean Sauce, Soy Sauce

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