Sunday, January 2, 2011

White Fungus Soup Mix

White Fungus 雪耳
Dioscorea 准山
Chinese South Almond 南杏
preserved dates蜜棗
Barley 薏仁
Pork Bone

1. Boil the pork bone with water first and then rinse it with cold water. (Cleaning process)
2.Soak white fungus with water for 15 mins. (Break them into small pieces)
3. Rinse all the ingredients with water
4. Prepare a pot and add 15 cups of water. Put all the ingredients in there.
5. Cook with high heat first, when it starts to bubble, turn to low heat and cook it for 2 hrs.
6. Add salt
7. Serve

Benefits of this soup: Good for your lung and throat. Skin wise: Fungus can give you collegen and Barley can give you white skin color tone which will  help to lighten the dark spots on your skin.

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