Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring Rolls 潤餅-Taiwanese style

1. Blend roasted peanuts first, add icing sugar and continue to blend until them become powdery.

2. Cook all the dishes below (or you can choose whatever dishes you like)

Boiled Bean Sprouts

Sir Fry Potato Threads

Char Siu

Fried Noodles

Sir Fry Tofu

Sir Fry Carrot

Scrambled Eggs

Stir Fry Salted Turnip

3.  Take one layer of spring roll from the package.

4. Add the peanut sugar powder on the spring roll. Start to add all the ingredients that you like. If you want, you can add some fresh parsley and sweet chilli sauce for more flavours. (sweet chilli sauce can help to seal the spring rolls better as well. You can add them on the edge of the wrap)

5. Roll them and serve. 

Having a spring roll party is a good get together. You can get everyone to wrap their favourite rolls. 

1. Make sure all the ingredients are dried after you cook them. So when you roll them, the wrap won't break easily.
2. After you open the package, remember to cover the wraps with a wet towel while you are serving them. Otherwise, the wrap will dry out. (If you are eating this dish in the winter with the heat on, make sure you don't leave the wraps outside for too long, they will dry out quickly. So once you roll them, you have to eat them soon. I am in living in Toronto, it usually gets really dry in the winter.)

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