Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Squash Creamy Soup‏

Squash 500gbutter 30gOnion-halfChicken stock 500mlSalt and pepper powder-someCream 100ml

1.    Peel the skin of the squash. Seeded. Cut squash and onions into small pieces.
2.      Heat the pan, melt butter. Cook chopped onions for 5 mins or until they turn soft
3.     Add squash and chcken stock. Cook it with high heat until it bubbles. Turn to low heat and cook for 20 mins or until they are soft.
4.     Use a blender to blend them. and then pour them back to the pot
5.     Add salt and pepper powder. Sir them and slowly add cream in there. Continue to cook it with low heat until they are done.
6.      If you like to drink them as a sweet dessert, you can add brown sugar or honey.




  1. Haha, what a coincidence I just made a squash soup yesterday~

  2. haha! I was wondering who JHW is. I figured it out afterwards. :P