Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Eggplants salad-Taiwanese style

Egg plant-300g
Soy Sauce-50cc
Oyster Sauce-30c
Cold water-45cc
Chili powder- 6g
Grinded Garlic-6g
Grinded Parsley-3g ( I used the dried ones since I can never finish when I buy a fresh one)
Sesame oil -5cc
1.       Mix ingredient A until the sugar is melted. Then add ingredient B and mix it together.
2.       Wash egg plants and boil them with a hot water. ( Make sure water is bubbling before you put the egg plants in) When they are soft, take them out of the pot.
3.       Cut them into small slices. Place them on to a plate and add the sauce on top.
4.       Serve.


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