Thursday, November 18, 2010

Japanese U-Don

Stir fry Udon (serving for two)

Ingredients: 2 Udon packages, (Chinese sausages, green vegetables, shrimps, mushrooms. You can add whatever ingredients you want)

Cooking Sauce ingredients: soy sauce 2 teaspoons, mirin 2 teaspoons, sugar 1 teaspoon, water 3 teaspoons, spicy sauce (optional)

1. mix all the sauce ingredients together
2. heat the pan and cook sausages first. When you heat up the sausages, you will see the oil. Then, you add all of the ingredients  and cook them until they are 70-80% done. take them out
3. Add 1 teaspoon extra olive oil, cook udon with low heat. Try to separate all the udon.
4. When the udone are all separated, add half of the mixed sauce into the pan. Continue to cook it with low heat until the udon turns brown.
5.  add the cooked ingredients back. Continue to stir them all together.
6. Add the rest of mixed sauce into the pan. Continue to cook it with low heat.
5. When the sauce is almost absorbed, turn it to medium heat and add 1 small teaspoon of sesame oil. Quickly stir fry them.
6. Serve

Udon packages

 Udon turns brown.

Green Veges, mushrooms, shirmps, Chinese  Sausages

Mix all of them together.

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