Saturday, July 9, 2011

Taiwanese Donuts-台式甜甜圈

Portion: 10 Donuts

Mash Potato-100g
All purpose flour-300g
Milk Powder-10g
Instant Yeast-1/2 teaspoon
Orange Juice-70cc
Extra Virgin Olive Oil-30g
Salt-1/4 small teaspoon

Milk Powder

1. Peel the skin of the potato and cook in boiling water. Use a chopstick or fork to poke the potato. If you can poke through, it means it's done. Remove the water and smash the potato.

2. Mix all the liquid ingredients together and leave 30cc aside for later use. Put all the ingredients in one container and start to use your hand to mix them until the flour doesn't stick on your hand. Slowly pour in the 30 cc liquid. Continue to mix them with your hands for 20-30 mins. When you can grab the whole flour, move to a counter space and continue to stretch the flour until you can make a thin layer on your hand. See the pic below.

3. Place the flour in a container. Spray some water on top. (not too much) Use cling wrap to wrap around the container. (I use a rubber band to seal it.) Put in a warm place and let it sit for 1 hr and 30 mins or when you see the size double. (Fermented process)

4. After it's fermented, use your hand to press the flour to squeeze our the air. Continue to make it become a round shape. Use a wet cloth to cover the flour. Let it sit for another 15 mins.

5. Spray flour on the counter. Use a rolling pin to make the flour about 1 cm thick. (In the process while you roll, if it sticks, just spray some more flour)

6. Use a bowl or cup to make the donut shape. Or you can make any shape that you like. Remember to put flour on the bowl that you are using to prevent the flour from sticking.

7. Prepare a big flat container. Put a layer of flour on top to prevent sticking. With the shapes that you made, place them in there. Place them in the oven for 15 mins for fermenting.

8.Heat a pan and add e.v.o.o. You don't need a lot of oil to fry, pour in about 1 cm height. Fry them with low heat. If you want darker coloured donuts, cook them with medium heat. If you want the color to be even, you can pour more oil when you fry them.

9. Place the fried donuts on a paper towel to absorb the oil.
10. Dip the donuts with sugar.


For the remaining dough from making the shapes, you can check this link to make another dessert.

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