Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Milky Egg Bread 奶酥麵包

Ingredients for the stuffing: (Portion 8 pcs)
Unsalted butter-80g
Icing sugar-65g
Milk Powder-80g
Salt- 1 pinch

1. Place unsalted butter in room temperature until it's soft.  Filter the icing sugar. Beat the egg and use a weight to get 15g.
2. Beat unsalted butter with icing sugar until they turn white.
3.Add milk powder and salt. Continue to mix them.
4.Add egg and continue to mix. Make a round or square shape
5. Use a cling wrap to wrap it.
6. Store it in the refrigerator for at least 1 hr. Or when you are about to put them with the dough.

7. Cut them into 8 pcs. about 30g each.

Bread Ingredients:
All purpose flour-300g
Instant Yeast 3/4 teaspoon
Egg-1 ( about 50g)
Unsalted butter-30g
Salt-1/4 small teaspoon

1. Cut the butter in to small pieces. Put it in room temperature until they are soft.

2. Mix all the dry ingredients in a container, except the butter. Add the liquid ingredients. Make sure
you leave 20-30cc aside for later. (If add all the liquid at once, the flour won't be able to absorb all at once. The dough will be sticky. So it's important to leave 20-30cc aside first.) Slowly add the liquid while mixing the dough.

3. Continue to use your hands to mix the ingredients. When you can grab the whole dough, move it to a counter. Add butter and continue to mix.
Put butter
                          Fold it and put pressure on it. Keep on doing this until the butter is absorbed.

4. Start to hold one end of the flour and throw it to the other end. Fold it 90 degrees and do it again. Until you can make a thin layer when you stretch the dough. (Using a bread machine will be faster, if you don't have a machine, you need to do this motion about 200-250 times. It took me 30 mins for me to make a thin layer this time.)
                                                                           Throw it
                                                                             Fold it
                                                              Thin layer means it's done!

5. Make the dough a round shape. Prepare a container and put it in there. Spray some water on the surface of the dough. Use a cling wrap and rubber band to seal it.

6. Place it in the microwave with a cup of HOT water. Close the microwave. Let it ferment for 60 mins. If the water gets cold, replace with a hot one.

7. Use one finger to poke the center of the dough. If the dough doesn't bonce back, it means it's done. If it bonces back, let it continue to ferment for another 10 mins. and test again with your finger.

8. Spray some flour on the counter. Place the dough on top and press it to let the air out.

9. Separate them into 8 little balls. Each one is about 70g.

10. Use a roller to roll each dough about 12cm in diameter.

11. Put the stuffing in the middle and close it by sticking the dough  at the edges together.

                                 Make sure it's totally covered. So it won't explode when baking

12. Make sure the edges don't touch the stuffing, otherwise they won't stick.

13.  Place the finished stuffing dough on a baking tray. Put the side that you close face down.  Remember to brush a layer of butter on the tray to prevent the bread from sticking.)

14. Put them into the oven with the door closed to ferment for another 60 mins.

15. 10 mins before the fermenting is done, take them out. Pre-heat the oven to 350F.

16. Brush one layer of mixed egg on top of the bread. Spray some white sesame for decoration.

17. Bake them at 350F for 15-20 mins or until they turn golden colour.

18. Done

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